Types of fees and what you can avoid paying at the rental counter

Before you let your credit card swipe through a payment terminal, make sure that you are not being nickel and dimed by the rental company. Novice travelers usually are not aware of the hidden charges that add up to a fat rental charge. An AED 114 rental rate may become AED 240 by the time your bill is rung at the counter. So, how do you avoid all the extra charges? And, most importantly, is there a way you can avoid or pay less when it comes to the additional charges? Read on to learn about the various fees and how to cut costs by paying less on the rental counter.

The many faces of Taxes:

You are most likely to pay state, city and even county taxes when it comes to car rental. In addition to that, your car rental company will add sales tax and license tax. These taxes are unavoidable, and they don’t end here. You may also come across “recover fees” and licensing fees” that are sometimes added with the taxes.

Car Return Fees:

Did you know that you may be charged if you return the car before its reservation time? Not all car hire Dubai services charge additional fee for early return, but you may have to bear this fee if you are not careful with the terms and conditions before renting the car. In addition, you have to be certain about the grace period because returning a car later than its original reservation time can cost definite charges. In order to avoid these charges, call your rental company and inform them about your early or late return to call off the charges or extend the grace period.

Fuel Charges:

Some car rental companies require you to return the car with a full tank, non-compliance to which can cost you additional charges. Some rental companies may try to talk you into buying a pre-purchased full tank, which generally costs more than a local gas station refill. In addition, you do not get to have a refund for the unused fuel. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid the pre-purchased fuel to cut the additional costs.

Assistance fees:

Remember when the sales man smiled at you and said, “We will be providing assistance to make your trip as easy as possible”? Well, that roadside assistance does not come for free.

Drop-off and equipment rental fees:

Apart from the taxes and registration fees (that are inescapable), there are other charges that you may have to bear. If you need to drop-off the vehicle at a location other than the rental company’s specified location, you may have to pay drop-off charges. Need a car seat or a navigation system? You may also have to pay for the additional equipment.

Some other charges may include out-of-state fees and mileage fees. If you are renting a car from an airport, you may also have to pay surcharges. So, before you rent a car in Dubai, make sure you properly investigate all the charges that you may have to pay.

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