May through September is the hottest time in Dubai. The temperatures hit high 40’s and sometimes 50’s. This is not particularly the tourist season but Dubai attracts a lot of tourists even during the hot season. Tourists with valid license like to hirerental cars in Dubai during their trips. But the scorching heat needs some preparations. Here are some tips for avoiding any inconvenience during the summer season.

Useful Tips to avoid Inconvenience

  • Whenever you have a rental car in Dubai, make sure the car company has provided you with sun shades for the car. If your car doesn’t have them, ask for them because it is necessary when you have to leave your car outside in the sun. The steering wheel, seats and the rest of the interior can become extremely hot and sometimes they become unbearable. Sun shades will keep the interior safe from the hot sun and allow you to move instantly.
  • Before starting to drive your rental car, do some checks of the different components of the car. Although most car rental companies in Dubai keep their vehicles well maintained but too much exposure to the heat and sun may damage something. Things to check out before driving are simple like indicators, lights, mirrors, tire pressure, oil levels and coolant levels. If you find something not working, immediately take the car to the respected car rental company to get it fixed.
  • Under no circumstances, leave your children or pets in the car when it is parked outside. Majority of the cars are parked outside under the direct sun which can become extremely hot within minutes. Please make sure that no one is inside the vehicle once you exit, even if it is for a few minutes. Some people leave their children in the car and keep the engine and AC running. This can easily turn into a disaster so please avoid it.
  • Idling is an offense in Dubai. Do not leave your car start with the AC running in a car park. If spotted by the police, you can be fined and repeated offenses may get severe punishment. It is best to park your rental car in a shade.
  • When you are renting a car in Dubai, try to look for one that has a light color paintjob. Dark color cars tend to heat up quickly in hot weather and will take longer to cool down.
  • The best way to cool down the interior of the car is to put all windows down and switch on the fan for a few minutes so that the hot air vents. Do not switch the AC on immediately. After a few minutes close all the windows and switch the AC on.
  • Always switch the AC off when you turn off the engine. Turn the AC on only after you have vented the hot air.
  • People who are from Dubai know that organic foods decay 3 to 4 times faster in this weather. Tourists are mostly unaware of this fact. If you are going out, do not leave food inside the car for longer periods of time. Especially meat products will decay faster and can leave a horrible stench inside the vehicle. The rental car company in Dubai might complain about this when you are returning the vehicle.

Drive safe during this hot weather. Dubai has a hot desert climate so it is better to follow these simple tips in order to keep your trip a happy one. If it is your first time renting a car in Dubai, ask for some pro tips from the car rental company and they will be happy to help you out.

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