Hybrids and electric cars are the talk of town today. A lot of people want to move to alternative fuels due to soaring petroleum prices. No one in Dubai ever thought that UAE and other oil rich countries will also be talking about fuel efficiency when it came to vehicles. The Middle East was the biggest market of luxury vehicles. The high powered, gas hungry European and US cars were most popular here. Things have changed now and a large number of people are looking to buy eco-friendly vehicles.

Dubai car rental companies are also upgrading their fleet with fuel efficient cars. A valid UAE license in your pocket and you can rent a luxury vehicle for your stay. Or you can get your hands on the most fuel efficient car to drive you during your stay, the choice is yours.

When looking to rent a car in Dubai, here are some of the top models to have if you care more about the environment and want to avoid spending too much on gas.

  1. Toyota Yaris

With about 14KM to the liter, Yaris used to be the favorite rental car in Dubai. It comes in both hatchback and sedan class and was fuel efficient like any other Japanese car. Yaris hatchback is available in two and four door options and is perfect for a small family moving around in the city.

  1. Honda Jazz

Another Japanese car in this list which matches others in performance, design and fuel efficiency. 14.5 KM to the liter is good enough for a short stay in Dubai. Honda is one of the most reliable automotivecompanies in the world. Honda has two other economy class models in Dubai, The Civic and The City, but both of them are not near Jazz when it comes to fuel economy.

  1. – 8. Ford Focus and Mazda 2

The Focus is america’s favorite since the late 90s. It is a compact car with a 1.6 Liter engine that can give you a 15 KM to the liter average. Mazda 2 is also a compact car from Japanese manufacturer with a slightly smaller engine (1.5 liter) and roughly the same average as the Focus. Both of these cars beat the other models from their manufacturers in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. And believe it or not, both of these cars are much fun to drive if you like to play along a little.

  1. Nissan Micra

In the bottom half of the list, we have an all Japanese cars lineup other than the Ford. The Nissan Micra is a small but powerful car with a 1.5 liter engine and a fuel economy of just over 16 KM to the liter. Micra is perhaps the cheapest car to buy as well in this list. Its small engine can give a huge punch with an excellent acceleration but the heavy body makes it a bit slow in the long run.

  1. BMW 3 Series

3 Series BMW is known worldwide to be an extremely fuel efficient car despite being a sedan and having a 2.0 L engine. German engineers did their best with reducing the body weight and using latest technology to keep the carbon footprint at the minimum. 3 Series BMW clocks over 16 KM to the liter. Renting cars in Dubai that are fuel efficient and good looking, get yourself a BMW and enjoy the ride.

  1. Peugeot 208

The French are here with their small hatchback that goes beyond its looks. The five door stylish body with a 1.6 liter engine has a high base price than other cars in this list but it also has an over 17 KM to the liter fuel average. Peugeot 208 is one of the favorite rental car in Dubai because of its fuel economy and looks.

  1. Hyundai Grand i10 – Chevrolet Spark

A 20 KM to the liter mileage with a 1.2 Liter engine, impressive isn’t it? If you want to buy a compact car with a small engine and a very low price, this Korean import is your choice. The specs and look of the car is almost the same as the Chevrolet Spark so we will call this one a tie between the two.

  1. Audi A3

Another German Sedan that is probably the best option for rental cars in Dubai. The 1.4 Liter-four cylinder engine gives out tremendous amount of power but keeps the fuel economy at over 20 KM to the liter. The downside is that if you are looking to rent cars in Dubai and your choice is an Audi A3, you will have to pay much more than any other car in this list.

  1. Volkswagen Golf

Golf is one of the bestselling models in Europe and other parts of the world. The German car is high on style and low on fuel thirst which makes it a people’s car. Over 20 KM to the liter mileage, it beats all other cars on this list. The downside here again is the rental price. The base price of a Golf is higher than any other Japanese car on this list and hence the high rental price.

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