Renting a car for a family vacation
Family holidays are bliss, especially if you have been planning for a long time and finally the day arrives when you get a chance to engage with your family and friends on a long road trip. Planning a family holiday is far less fun then having a holiday. There are a dozen things you need to arrange and confirm before you can venture out for an adventure. To make sure you don’t miss anything, we have compiled a list of things that you need to consider for your holiday, especially when you have kids on board.
My teenage kid wants to drive, is it okay? So your teenage daughter is insisting that you let her drive the rental and you are not sure if you should. The answer to the question depends on whether your teen has the proper license to drive and whether your car hire Dubai Company allows a teenage driver. Car rental companies have specific terms and conditions when it comes to extra drivers and teenage drivers. The best thing to do would be to ask your rental agency and confirm before you let your teenage kid behind the wheel. If you do so without consulting beforehand, your rental insurance may not cover the damage incurred while your kid was behind the wheel.
Should I rent SUV or a Chevrolet?
Choosing a car model is one of the biggest decisions when you rent a car in Dubai. The choice of car should depend on your requirements. How many people will travel with you? If your trip includes more than 5 people, then a SUV might be a better option. Gauge your space requirements before you begin your process for renting a car. Dubai’s top-tier rental company, Al Emad, allows you to pick your choice of car from a large fleet that includes SUV’s, Chevrolet, Kia Rio and Peugeot, to name a few. You can consult with your rental agency if you are not sure which car would best suit your traveling needs.
Do I need to pay for Accessories?
In one word, yes; however, every car rental company has its own set of rules and fees. Before you begin your car rental process, understand what you need and consult with the rental agency first. Your rental agent would be able to guide you according to your requirements.
Accessories always cost extra money when it comes to car rentals. You can bring your own accessories, such as baby car seat, to avoid the extra charges. In addition, make sure that you book your accessories during the car rental booking. Making that decision late could cost you a lot more time. Make a checklist before you call the car rental agency to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

Don’t let the pesky little car rental troubles ruin your precious family vacation. Plan ahead, know your options, understand the terms and conditions, and make a wise decision before you hit the road. If you are not certain about your rental decision, always consult a specialist before making your payment at the counter.

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