The UAE has developed at frightening pace in recent years and in 2015 UAE hosted a massive 14.25 international overnight visitors. Now that is a huge number. Add to this locals and foreigners already staying in the UAE, transport becomes a very important aspect of staying or living. For the tourists who stay for maybe a week or even a few days, renting a car becomes a necessity. This has become a very competitive market as a result and that’s why the tourists benefit. Rent a car deals are flourishing in Dubai, the foreign visitors and tourists can get access to a plethora of deals. Dubai Emirate is a service that offers car rental in Dubai. Not only do they offer competitive rates, they also offer pick and drop services for various locations. Another venture working in coordination with Dubai Emirate, is Expedia, offering a variety of discounts. Compact economy cars to luxury sedans to off-roaders, there are rent a car deals to suit every customer need. The best part is, that it’s all hassle free with no hidden charges.

For the locals, an important decision to be made, especially by expats, is whether to buy a car or lease a car in the UAE. Leasing a car in the UAE is fast becoming a popular choice, as it is hassle free.

Leasing a car in the UAE is cost effective, as shown by data put forth by the people at Shift. Leasing a four door sedan in UAE costs 1,770 Dirhams/month while buying a new car would approximately cost 1,946 Dirhams/month. There are also plenty of options for leasing a car in UAE, with companies like Al Emad, Hertz among others dealing in car leases. It is quick and easy, all you need to do is go to their website and lease the ride of your choice for the duration you want.

All you need to provide is your passport with proof of residence in the UAE, a valid and acceptable driving license and a credit card to make the payment and you are good to go.

Leasing a car in the UAE offers too many advantages and it is no wonder it is a popular choice. Cost benefits, fewer maintenance issues, coverage by warranty, less hassle, all make this the best option for a newcomer to the UAE, a foreigner or even the locals. Don’t buy, lease please.

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