There is a whole raft of rental pitfalls when it comes to hiring a car for your holiday. The unbearable sales tactics, long queues, and the excruciating battle of finding the cheapest and best rental can turn the whole holiday rental thing into a nightmare. However, you can’t let the rental troubles ruin your holiday spirit. So to help you get the best car for your trip without being ripped-off, here are a couple of things for you to consider.

6 Tips for avoiding a Bad Deal

  1. Avoid involving a broker: Most people choose to go with a broker when it comes to renting a car for holiday or leasing a car in UAE. For most, broker plays an important part getting the best possible deal. Most people forget that broker is essentially just a middle man and, most importantly, a sales agent. You can cut the broker cost by simply reaching out to the car hire Dubai companies directly.
  2. Read the rental contract twice: Rental contracts can have terms and conditions that could be associated with additional costs. If you don’t understand a term, or costs mentioned in the agreement, make sure that you clear it up with the rental company agent before driving off. Follow the rule of thumb and read the contract twice to make sure you have understood everything.
  3. Check the Fuel type: It is easy to neglect the fuel question while signing the contract. It is very important that you know what type of fuel the car consumes, in order to avoid engine damage during your trip. If you opt for full-to-full package, then make sure you return the car with a full tank.
  4. Avoid pre-paid fuel: Giving you a pre-aid gas option is just another way for the rental Companies to charge extra. Avoid this option to eliminate the extra cost.
  5. Consider car inspection: Before you rent a car in Dubai, be very certain that the car is in good condition and that every single existing scratch or bump has been listed in the contract so you don’t end up getting the heat for it. Check the bodywork, alloy rims, wheels, bumper, and even the side of the mirrors. In addition, make sure that the car is equipped with the safety gear for just-in-case situations. Have your agent put each and everything on the contract to avoid any conflict.
  6. Be prepared to resolve disputes (if any): It is always advisable to people who rent cars more than often to be prepared to settle any dispute that may arise with the rental company. The good rule of thumb is to take photographs of the car even if the existing car condition has been mentioned in the contract. Be thorough with the photographs and cover as many parts of the rental car as possible. Take photographs before you drive off and before you return the car. This will help you create proof and help you work your way out of conflicts.

Car hire can be an excruciating process with hefty budget requirement, but by considering the above-mentioned tips you can easily eliminate the extra costs and spend more on your holiday. Always be vigilant with the contract; know what you are signing. Before returning the car, make sure that it is in its prior condition, as mentioned in the contract. Follow the rules, eliminate the extra costs, and have a stress-free trip!

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